Experience India with Purnam

Giving Indian arts and entrepreneurs a boost, the 12th edition of Purnam, the lifestyle exhibition, will play host to India’s master couturiers too

Handmade crafts, home décor items, trendy clothing, regional snacks, and a whole lot more. The Purnam banner aims to give a complete Indian lifestyle experience at this one-day show on July 20 at The Ashok in Delhi. “Purnam means complete,” smile the four women behind Purnam — Indu Gupta, Saroj Bhatia, Sarita Baluja and Jani Dhingra. It hasn’t been an easy journey but a sizzling one for the ladies who are in their 60s and 70s. They conceived the idea of Purnam during their work decades back with the NGO Akshya Pratisthan. “We are volunteers there even today.”

Without much ado they have been working hard every year, holding exhibitions across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dubai, Ludhiana on different occasions. But Delhi is an annual affair, always around the festive season. This year, the bouquet gets brighter with famous designers joining the Purnam platform.

A special lounge will showcase the works of designers Madhu Jain, Charu Prashar, Samant Chauhan and Sonam Dubal. Jain, famous for her revivalist works, will showcase rare bamboo silk ikat creations. Parashar will have exotic resort wear. Chauhan and Dubal will highlight India’s rich textile crafts.

Empowerment is the key word with the ladies. “While most established entrepreneurs get a leeway on different platforms, Purnam is our way of giving a platform to everyone who is looking for an opportunity to showcase their products,” smile the foursome.

“NGOs work hard to create their products. They are mostly handmade things and they are affordable attractive products. People can find some good incense sticks, paper products, gift items, bags, shoes, accessories and more,” explain the four ladies.

Of course, Akshya Pratisthan always has a stall, being the place where the four met. The other NGOs coming for the exhibition are Guild For Service, Trash to Cash, Gyan Asha and more.

At this one-day show, entrepreneurs from different cities will be showcasing their products. Purnam does its best to help struggling entrepreneurs, finding solutions for them. There is the concept of shared space and part of the proceeds is given to NGOs. Even with just INR 100 in your pocket, you will find something to bring back. So, get ready to rock your date with India!

India-based journalist, photographer and videographer, worked with Outlook Traveller, Swagat and written for patriot.in. Mail: ambicagulati@gmail.com

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